5 Signs that tells you why you should upgrade your website

5 Signs that tells you why you should upgrade your website

We live in a time of constant change, with almost every minute a product is born and another is dead, this led the average consumer to have a sharp yet short attention span.

According to studies, the average time an individual takes to make a decision judging from your website is 0.5 seconds.

As a result, having even the slightest problem in your website can lead to a loss of a potential client.

Here are 5 signs that tells you why you should upgrade your website in order to maintain a stable traffic on it while converting some into clients:

1.     Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

Almost everybody nowadays have a smartphone, so if your website doesn’t work on that device you will lose a huge portion of the traffic directed to you just because your audience can’t view or access it from their phones, off course that doesn’t mean you should neglect the desktop version as this should be the keel that you build your mobile website on.

2.     The Website is Too Slow

As mentioned before, the average time it takes a person to judge your website is 0.5 seconds, so can you imagine what will be their reaction if it took more than that? That’s right… They will leave, and it’s not just that, Google tends to de-rank a website based on its page loading speed, there is some free tools that you can use to help determine why your website is slow and how to fix it such as: Google’s Page Speed Insights, GTmetrix or Pingdom.

3.     Clients Don’t Take Action on your Website

The easy way to measure this is by looking at your bounce rate, this represents the percentage of visitors on your website that come and leave without doing anything, let’s say that your bounce rate is 65% -which is extremely high by the way-  this means that 65 persons out of 100 just land on your website and then leave without doing anything, when that happens you need to reconsider changing the content or the design of your website. It depends on many factors and varies from website to another.

4.     Your Website has an Outdated Design

Web design moves faster than the eye can blink, so an old design will be very apparent when a client looks at it. Besides, people want to feel confident when they buy a product or a service so having an old design will make people think that you are outdated. To solve this, you need to look at your competitors websites, do their websites look better than yours? are their website’s user interface and user experience better than your own? Does their website make you feel like yours is a statue in a museum? If the answer to all those questions is “Yes” then you need to change how your website looks and feels.

5.   You Are Still using Flash

Way back when establishing websites was the new thing in Marketing, a certain plugin was necessary to help you run media on your website, this is plugin is called Adobe Flash, it was needed to make the website look modern -by that era standards- , now you can integrate all the media that you want in your website without the need of any plugins, if you are still using Flash that will lead to two major problems:

1- Today’s browsers don’t usually support this plugin so your website won’t even open
2- Even if it does open it will be extremely slow

So, do yourself a favor and remove the plugin and overhaul your website so you don’t have to use Flash.Please keep in mind that these are not the only signs that indicates a website upgrade but rather the most common 5, feel free to contact us to get your website checked by our professional team… your business longevity may depend on it.