Don’t Let Your Business Be The Best Kept Secret on LinkedIn

Don’t let your business be the best kept secret on LinkedIn

A lot of businesses are promoting their businesses on Facebook only, however when it comes to B2B the most useful social media site is LinkedIn. Here is why:

Linkedin: is structurally prepared to accommodate companies and employees within companies, so if you want to know employees in a certain company, all you have to do is to click on the company name and see who works there.
Linkdin is well structured to take all your business related information and your full employment history. You can have a full CV on Linkedin where others can review it easily
LinkedIn has Company Business Profiles where you can have all your business details, add your logo, business contacts, list your activities, ….
Job offerings
Ads and Targeting
Who viewed your profile
Enlarge your network
Business plans
Connect: to someone is permission based. He has to accept your connection, then you will have access to his network. Be ware that if you get a lot of connection refusal you will be banned by LinkedIn.
Send mail messages to any or all of your connections: will be received in his message inbox, as well as on his email
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